buzzshariI was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1947. My father was a metallurgical engineer and we followed his career. Our final stop was Portland, Oregon, where I graduated from high school and went on to graduate from University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology.

I played in a rock band from high school and into college. In 1967, I joined the National Guard and went on to Officer Candidate School. It was in the National Guard at Fort Lewis and Fort Bliss where I received my military training.

After college I worked for Pacific Power for twenty-seven years in sales, marketing and technical services. I left Pacific Power in 1998 and started my own technical services company, RHT Energy Solutions (my formal initials). It was here that my interest in infrared technology was nurtured, as well as the desire to publish a novel revolving around infrared.

I am the president and owner of RHT Energy Solutions, which is a company of fifteen people that provide energy efficiency analysis to large industries, communities and commercial businesses.

I have two sons, Ben and Paul, and have been married to my wife, Shari for forty years.

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IR_0362Research and Writing

Thank you all for visiting this website and for your interest in the novel, The Hunt For Owl Eyes. Although the idea for the book started decades ago, the writing started in earnest in 2004. At first the whole book was written in first person, and then re-written in third person, but the edge in the voice of the main character, Brian Miller, was lost so it was again converted to first person where it remained.

I had the support of a large team that critiqued embarrassing rough drafts. Because I was a technical writer and was used to preparing professional documents regarding energy, I experienced difficulty using contractions, slang and fragmented sentences and showing all points of dialog, such as body language and facial expressions. It was then I hired my mentor, Elizabeth Lyon, author of Manuscript Makeover.

The book took years to write partly because of the intense research necessary. It has always bothered me to see a movie or read a book and see something that is technically wrong. Extreme care was taken to see that The Hunt for Owl Eyes was technically sound.

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